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Self confidence is something many of us can struggle with. It can be an ongoing challenge to feel confident in ourselves and our ability. We can feel we hold ourselves back in life due to a lack of inner self belief. And it really needed be the case.

In this workshop you will

Identify strategies and techniques to build confidence and self-belief.

The workshop covers:

  • Identifying your confidence barriers

  • Change Inner Critic to Inner Friend

  • Imposter Syndrome – what’s holding you back

  • Build a self confidence and goal plan for yourself using visualisation and goal setting.

How it works?

Once you purchase this workshop you will have 12 month access to the course content to access and listen to. You will be emailed course log on in details and all course materials and workbook. The aim of this workshop is to help you to develop a core development skill.

Why should I attend?

If you feel your confidence and self-belief is holding you back. If you are over-critical and judgemental of yourself and lacking a clear vision to move forward with your life confidently.  

We will learn practical skills and techniques to use in every day life, you will identify your goals around confidence and create a vision for yourself moving forward. 

What will I learn?

Confidence workshop teaches you:

  • What does confidence mean for you.

  • How to create goals around your self-belief.

  • How to change your inner dialogue with yourself.

  • How to achieve your confidence goals through a blend of positive psychology and visualisation techniques.

This workshop costs $45

For more information, please see our FAQs or contact hello@mindology.app

What People Are Saying:

““Critical self-talk is something that I've always struggled with, even from a young age, but after taking Mindology Confidence Workshop and reframing my self-talk and inner critic to become an inner friend, my mindset shifted and I've been able to slowly change the way I speak to myself and have felt my confidence growing. ””

“Taking part in the Confidence workshop and using the workbook to actually write down why I feel the way I do about myself was eye-opening. Learning to question my thoughts rather than just accepting them has caused a huge change in the way I feel about myself. It may just be the beginning, but I'm so glad I started. I also love being able to use the app for guided visualisations whenever I need them. ”

“Confidence is not something I have ever really associated with myself (public speaking is my literal nightmare!), for some reason I thought it was one of those things you either have or you don't. But I've since realised, thanks to Mindology's workshop, my confidence was rooted in several problems like imposter syndrome and my self-talk. By changing the way I see myself, I have slowly but surely begun to see a shift in my confidence levels. I'm not quite ready to talk in front of my whole company, but I've begun putting myself out there at work in ways I never would have visualised myself doing before.”

“One of my favourite parts of the Confidence workshop was the Future Self Goal and Visualisation, I never realised how the simple step of visualising my future goal could help kickstart my journey to a more confident self. For me, this is something I am hoping to use in all aspects of my life. I also loved the journal aspect of the workbook, simply writing down my successes of the day was so powerful.”

“I absolutely love the guided visualisation and hypnosis audios that come with the workshop. I listen to them daily to train my mindset. thank you so much. It was the best workshop I have done for a long time.”

“I found the workshop so helpful and insightful. I’m so much more self-aware of what’s holding me back and how I hold myself back. Thank you!”

“Above my expectations, loved the pace and the techniques in particular, very practical.”