Introducing My Inner Calm Program

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Want to learn how to effectively manage your stress and anxiety? Want to release your mind from constant overthinking and worry? Want to experience peace in your life every single day? Grab my roadmap to inner calm and transform your mind in as little as 7 days.

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Let me introduce myself...

I'm Claire Aristides, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Founder of Mindology and mum to two beautiful children. With over 20 years of experience, I've helped women all over the world to create long-lasting change through hypnotherapy, visualisation, meditation and coaching.

These tools have allowed me to create miracles in my own life, from achieving business goals to overcoming fertility challenges, which is why I am so passionate about using them to support women with their own goals. I've worked with every type of goal, including...

  • Career and business success
  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Calmer parenting
  • Releasing stress, anxiety and depression I really know what it really takes to transform your life.

My mission is to help women to feel truly empowered and be the best possible versions of themselves.. because I believe that when women thrive, the world thrives.

So what do you say - want me to help you to find your inner calm?




Want to stop feeling stressed all the time but have no idea how?


Let's release all your stress, worry and anxiety. Your body doesn't need it.

To experience true peace - whether you're a mum, career woman, student or all three -  you MUST do things differently...

AND you need the support of a proven roadmap to follow ➡️This step cannot be missed!

Let's face it we're all incredibly busy! So having a roadmap is crucial for removing any of the guesswork and ensuring you see results in your life ASAP.

With over 20 years experience, I've helped women across the globe to release stress and anxiety, and feel calm once again - I'm talking long-lasting change - by following my simple roadmap. ✨

After working with countless clients, I've created a very specific system for finding inner calm that has helped women to experience transformative results.

It doesn't matter if you've never journaled or haven't tried hypnosis before... this system simply works!

My #1 goal for sharing my inner calm system with you is to help you find new positive ways to deal with any stress, worry and anxiety so you can build an empowered mindset and experience true peace within yourself...

AND, so you can create long-lasting change in your own life no matter your personal or professional goals 🌟

...because if you can't find an effective way to manage the stresses of everyday life, you're going to continue to struggle, feel absolutely drained and completely burnt out - which I'm guessing many of you have already experienced before! That's the LAST thing you want.

So let me support you using a proven system that WORKS, releases stress and creates amazing results in your life!

30% Off Early Bird Offer: Get Your Inner Calm Program For £65

 Ready to feel calm and stress-free?

The self-guided Inner Calm Program is your go-to resource.

Your Inner Calm Program includes:

✅ 7 Day Online Course

This is my in-depth, self-guided course that shows you every single step to take to release your stress and find your inner calm. This is the EXACT system I use with my private 1:1 clients to create transformative change in their lives. If you ever get stuck or need a quick reset, you can always come back to this course.

✅ Step-by-step video tutorials and audios

Through these video tutorials, I will walk you through exactly how to use your tools and effectively manage your stress. I'll show you the specific steps to take to transform your mindset and your life so you can be the best version of yourself. Say goodbye to overwhelm and anxiety, and hello to inner peace.

✅ Hypnosis and guided visualisation audios

Hypnosis and visualisation are powerful tools to help you connect with your unconscious mind and change unhelpful beliefs and patterns that are keeping you stuck in stress. I'll also teach self-hypnosis and visualisation so you can utilise these tools anytime, anywhere and continue to create change in your life.

✅ 21 Day Journal of Inner Calm

I know that life can be hectic at times, but that doesn't mean that it can't be meaningful as well. Your 21 day journal is designed to help you along your journey, allowing you space to set your intentions, express your deepest emotions and clarify your thoughts. This is where you'll really see your transformation unfold.

✅ Lifetime access

This isn't about a quick fix. This is about creating long-lasting positive change. No matter what challenges you may face or goals you strive to achieve, you can always come back to my proven system and find inner peace once again. 

✅ BONUS Mindology App membership

Through your annual membership for the Mindology app (valued at $150 USD), you'll get access to exclusive hypnosis, guided visualisations and meditations, as well as weekly journals and worksheets so you can continue your journey and maintain an empowered mindset. You'll find tools to help you manage your stress, boost your confidence and improve your mood in as little as 4 minutes. 

30% Off Early Bird Offer: Get Your Inner Calm Program For £65


"The Mindology programs are extremely beneficial on both a professional and personal level. Professionally, she covers aspects of your persona that you might want to improve or feel more comfortable about in the workplace, giving you the ability to perform better. Personally she's also very keyed into what makes you tick - and helps you develop visualisation strategies to take away to practice. Finally, her voice! I defy anyone not to float away in her guided meditations. I now use the App, Mindology, to keep me topped up each day."


"I was a little sceptical that hypnotherapy could have a meaningful and deep impact on my life; particularly as my mind is very restless. However, I was willing to take the plunge and was pleasantly surprised in my sessions with Claire Aristides. Not only did I focus on my goals; I also experienced clarity and calmness towards the "big picture" of my life for the first time in decades. I found the sessions nourishing and renewing."


"Thank you so much for my session today. It could not have come at a better time. I walked in feeling exhausted and overwhelmed and left feeling energised and like everything was figure-out-able. I know it will be a process that I need to keep working on but I feel so motivated to keep at it!"


"Claire is a breath of fresh air! She has been running weekly Mindology sessions for my PA network during these very challenging times and I am so grateful for her support. Claire is calm and confident. I wholeheartedly trust and recommend her to any business looking to spread positivity/empower their workforce."

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Don't let stress and anxiety control your life!

It's never been more important to learn how to manage stress and anxiety. In these uncertain times, the only thing you have control of is how you turn up and react to the world around you. Now is the time to invest in yourself so you can experience the peace and happiness you deserve now and in the future.

30% Off Early Bird Offer: Get Your Inner Calm Program For £65