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Can you train your brain?

brain mind Mar 22, 2021

Experts previously believed that your brain could no longer change or develop further after a given point in life, but now we know this isn't true. With time and patience, you can rewire your brain, which may help protect against cognitive decline.

 Neuroscience is showing that we can change our brains during our life. This is the plasticity of the brain. As our brain continues to reform and rewire itself based on how much or how little neural pathways are used. That means that we can learn new behaviours, and change our mindset by building new neural pathways. There is a saying, "Cells that fire together, wire together." Which, in essence, means that the best way to learn or create new behaviours for ourselves is by doing the new task a few times so that the neurons "fire together" and eventually "wire together".     

The Firing and Wiring of pathways is a result of the connections of neurons in our brain. Each neuron has about 1,000 "arms" called dendrites that...

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Brain boosting foods

brain mind moodfood Sep 09, 2020

You probably know that protein is needed for muscles and fibre is good for your gut, but what foods support the health of your brain?

Our brain processes all our thoughts and interactions with the world, stores memories, controls communication, movement and most of the organs in our body. It requires about 20% of your energy needs, more than any other organ, yet we hardly register this mental heavy lifting nor what foods help to support it.

Most importantly, your brain is delivered oxygen, glucose and essential nutrients through your circulating blood so the foods that are good for your heart are also great for your brain. To support both of these, be mindful of your salt consumption and favour mono-saturated fats. These can be found in avocadoes, olives, olive oil, nuts and seeds.

There are certain nutrients that can support healthy cell repair and signalling, reduce cellular stress and inflammation, slow down brain ageing and improve cognition and brain plasticity. Inflammation...

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Creativity… are we just born with it?

creativity mind mindset Sep 07, 2020

As someone who has worked in both the corporate world and in the design world with my fine jewellery brand and then back to my roots of psychology (and clinical hypnotherapy)… the idea of creativity is something I have seen in all my roles.

Recently, my son and I started watching the Netflix series – ‘Blown’ and we have been blown away (sorry for the lack of creativity in my pun). The reality series brings together an eclectic mix of glass blowing talent, and each week one is sadly eliminated. To say their skills are incredible is an understatement - and while you do notice the individuals with more experience - what’s equally impressive is every single person's imagination and interpretation of the brief they are given. Every single glass blower creates something so different - yet creative and unique.

Which got me thinking - is creativity something we are just born with and you either have it or you don’t. When you dig deeper into creative and...

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What kind of mindset do you have.... and is it time for a change?

mind Aug 27, 2020

We often think we are just who we are – born the way we are, and that’s just it. But what if we became more self-aware, learned to understand ourselves, and acknowledged how we automatically react to situations that may not be the most beneficial for ourselves. What if we could recognise and understand how to change our mindset about our self.

There’s an important term called ‘Growth Mindset’ developed by Carol Dweck Professor of Psychology at Stanford University and author of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. In Carol’s words, “Individuals who believe their talents can be developed (through hard work, good strategies, and input from others) have a growth mindset. They tend to achieve more than those with a more fixed mindset (those who believe their talents are innate gifts). “

What exactly does this mean for you, and how can you develop a growth mindset?

We know now that our brains are far more malleable than we thought....

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What's is Self-Hypnosis anyway...?

mind Aug 10, 2020

Self Hypnosis is simply being in a meditative sometimes trance like state. When we are in this state we have a highly focused attention with heightened suggestibility. There are 2 parts to self-hypnosis – firstly taking yourself into a calm meditative state (this is an essential first step and is where there is similarity to meditation), and once there making suggestions to yourself of what you want. 

Self-hypnosis is a tool and technique to embrace and make it work for you. Self-hypnosis is like meditation, except more goal-orientated, which is why many success-driven people are drawn to it.  All forms of hypnosis in theory is self-hypnosis, because no one can make you do anything you don’t want to do - despite what you see on TV about hypnosis being brainwashing or mind control.

Most of us have experienced some kind of hypnosis before in our everyday life. Watching your favourite tv show – fixated on the show, and all other things in...

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