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Journaling ... the power of pen to paper

journaling Jul 20, 2020

It's something I now do every single day, without fail. Even if I scribble quickly in my notepad while preparing the kids breakfast.... I do it without fail, I am talking about penning my daily goals (which are the small steps that form the bigger goals of life) . I find it focuses my mind and reminds me of MY unique purpose.

My scribble could include words like calm and confident, parenting with calmness, do 10 mins of yoga each day, drink water, breathe more, focus and clarity ....I'm someone who has 100 ideas all at once so need to organise and prioritise regularly...

I find I write the same thing or very similar over and over each day and that's great. It's all reinforcing my goals, my focus and my vision. The ultimate aim is that I am telling my brain and my mindset what I want day in and day out.

So why does writing down your goals and dreams down on paper have such a profound impact... the answer lies in the chemistry of our brains. Our beautiful clever and intricate brains,...

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