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How Confidence and Stress are linked?

No one enjoys being stressed, but we’ve all been there before. When we’re stressed, we’re less likely to perform at our best, but did you also know that being stressed has a direct impact on your confidence?

It’s true – your self-esteem can impact your happiness levels and either make life more or less stressful.

If you’re confident within yourself and trust that you can handle what is to come, you’ll likely be able to see difficult situations as a challenge, rather than stress-provoking.

Your self-esteem can majorly affect the way you perform in the workplace. So, how does one increase their confidence and lower their stress levels?


  1. Try being more optimistic
    • Self-efficacy is the feeling that you’re capable and it can contribute to your self-esteem and management of stress. So, if you develop the ability to see the glass as half-full, you can contribute to feelings of self-efficacy and overall happiness and peace of mind. There are many benefits to being optimistic, and it’s a trait that can be learned by shifting the way you speak to yourself. 
    • The way we speak to ourselves has a huge influence on our self-esteem and confidence. If we are always speaking to ourselves negatively, we’ll only see our life and ourselves as negative.
    • Changing the way you speak to yourself from a negative to a positive can directly affect the level of stress you feel.
  2. Start a new hobby
    • Learning something new and seeing yourself doing well can drastically change your view of yourself and provide a new level of self-respect. Not only that, but a hobby can also relieve stress, that’s a win-win!
  3. Practise mindfulness
    • Meditation can help by changing the way you experience a negative thought. For example, you may have a negative thought about yourself and believe it, but after practising mindfulness, you could learn to simply look at the negativity as a passing thought and let it go.


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