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Creativity… are we just born with it?

As someone who has worked in both the corporate world and in the design world with my fine jewellery brand and then back to my roots of psychology (and clinical hypnotherapy)… the idea of creativity is something I have seen in all my roles.

Recently, my son and I started watching the Netflix series – ‘Blown’ and we have been blown away (sorry for the lack of creativity in my pun). The reality series brings together an eclectic mix of glass blowing talent, and each week one is sadly eliminated. To say their skills are incredible is an understatement - and while you do notice the individuals with more experience - what’s equally impressive is every single person's imagination and interpretation of the brief they are given. Every single glass blower creates something so different - yet creative and unique.

Which got me thinking - is creativity something we are just born with and you either have it or you don’t. When you dig deeper into creative and design industries you find there is a methodology and structure to design – what can make the output differ is the unique take or creative interpretation of the individual. How the artist interprets the outside world to create something of meaning and expression. Creativity becomes the sum of the individual’s natural talent, interpretation, and skill set.

If you are yearning for more creativity in your life… and your day job isn’t quite cutting it … here’s some tips to tap into your inner creativity - because I believe we all have it.

1.Do what you have always done – but do it differently!

We often do things the same way, tackling the problem at hand the exact same way we always have. I learnt in my IT days how lateral thinking and problem-solving is crucial. Often we were migrating old data to new systems, dealing with business units that were keen on change and some that weren't so keen, data that’s in good shape and some data that’s rubbish… so lots of different elements. Bringing this all together involves creative thinking and problem solving. Thinking outside of the box was a pre-requisite. Ask yourself - how can you do things differently?

2.Get unstuck

Walk a different route to school drop off or to the office. Have your coffee at a different coffee shop, switch things around. We can get stuck in our ruts and routines, which has it’s place and value, but switching things around is also great for inspiration – seeing things differently. See your surroundings from a different perspective.

3. Appreciation Exercise

Stop and really take in your surroundings on your walk. See every tree, every building, see the blue of the sky and the clouds moving by. See the shapes and colours of objects. See the contrasts in light and shade. Take notice of the details. It can and will inspire you.

4. Creative Learning

Through courses online (or in person) – pottery, sewing, singing, writing - whatever gets your creative juices going. If you find your day to day job doesn’t give you enough creativity find other avenues to foster creativity in your world.

Workplaces are changing and evolving right now more than ever before – can you create the staff newsletter, a work podcast, or the artwork for your team’s virtual coffee catch ups. Think outside the box.

5. Stop staying

Oh well, I am just not that creative. Stop saying that to yourself, because you are reinforcing that notion. Instead repeat after me - 'I am tapping into my creativity with each and every day. Ideas are coming my way.'

6. Start Day Dreaming

Last but not least… day dream. It’s another way of tapping into visualisation - just let your imagination run a bit wild, as you never know what ideas might come your way.

Creating a creativity mindset takes practice, give yourself the time and space to try new skills and see things differently. Create a list or goal for yourself on how you might tap into your creativity muscle a bit more. We all have creativity within us, how that is expressed is up to us.


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