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Meet our Founder

I created Mindology to help others change the way they feel. To change habits, we are not our thoughts, we can create new more powerful ways of thinking and dealing with life - from stress, confidence, leadership, resilience and more.
Claire Aristides, Founder | @clairearistides

"Mindology's Corporate workshop had such a positive impact! Our colleagues felt comfortable to share their experiences and learnings to help others. The feedback was wonderful, with many of us able to recognize ways that we can build new, habitual ways of positively thinking about ourselves and what we want to achieve. I highly recommend the workshops and Mindology app, both from a personal and business perspective, truly fantastic! "

Head of People

"I really enjoyed the Mindology workshop on Self-Hypnosis and the ways it can boost confidence. I found the techniques very transferable; you could do them pretty much anywhere to recentre and create some calm in your mind. Thank you!"

Engagement Specialist

"The Mindology team is a breath of fresh air! Running weekly Mindology sessions for my PA network during these very challenging times and I am so grateful for her support. They are calm and confident. I wholeheartedly trust and recommend to any business looking to spread positivity/empower their workforce "

The Canary Wharf PA Club

"The Mindology hypnotherapy and visualisation seminars and tutorials are extremely beneficial on both a professional and personal level. Professionally she covers aspects of your persona that you might want improve or feel more comfortable about in the workplace, giving you the ability to perform better. Personally she's also very keyed into what makes you tick - and helps you develop visualisation strategies to take away to practice. Finally, I defy anyone not to float away with their guided meditations. I now use the App, Mindology, to keep me topped up each day."

Sustainability Director

"Mindology delivered a Mindfulness session for our company, it was a great presentation and much food for thought. Following the techniques on breathing I had the best nights sleep I had had in months! I thoroughly recommend the Mindology team to help you discover ways to calm your inner self and be the best person you can be."


"Thank you team for a really enjoyable mindfulness workshop. I found it interesting and relatable and especially enjoyed the exercises to help clear my busy mind."

Executive Assistant

"Thank you for the sessions. I really appreciate them. They’ve really helped me to force myself into a positive place during this weird time we’re having and I think it’s brilliant that you’re onboard to help us. Thanks for a positive injection to our days."


"Thank you ! I feel energized and empowered, so the techniques you shared are definitely impactful."


"Mindology delivered the most amazing session. The techniques she taught are just what I need to boost my confidence in the right way! I will be sure to use what we practised in my daily life, and to achieve my future goals and more!"

Fashion Editor

"With practice the breathing and visualisation techniques shown by the Mindology team have really helped me both at work and home to re-focus and calm my thoughts to carry on with tasks."

Compliance Coordinator

"I absolutely loved the workshop and really looking forward to going deeper. So much self-limiting stuff to shift and I feel your course will be a treat help, You inspired me! "

Managing Editor

"I wasn’t sure what to expect in the Mindology workshops however I feel relaxed in my mind and also more positive. It showed me how much it can help with things like destressing, improving your mind set and many other things."

Fashion Designer

"I had no clear expectations, however came out the other side with heightened sense of clarity. I now see my true goals and have the tools to cut out the white noise distracting me from achieving them."

Property Manager

"The Mindology workshop opened a whole new dimension on how I can deal and interact with my emotions."

Accounting Executive

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